Sleepy Oils

Since moving to Hawaii, I’ve only stayed up later than 10 o’clock one other time, and that was because my husband and I went to a late night premier of Wonder Woman. We later regretted it, because no matter how much I tell myself that I’ve adjusted to the time difference, I have not.

I used to be a night owl. I see you’re laughing now, but if you only saw me then. Going to sleep before midnight used to be ridiculous in my mind. And even when I finally did crawl into bed, it would be with laptop in tow, where I would stream old episodes of Parks & Recreation late into the night.

So why am I now burning the night oil? I have no clue really, I’m quite miserable. My body is sore and my back is killing me and I want nothing more than to nod off, but I cannot for some reason.

First, I washed all the dishes. Then I put in a load of laundry. Then I finished writing letters to family and friends, addressing and sealing them. Then I put some sleepy time oils in my diffuser, hoping that would help me sleep. And now I am at my computer, writing this blog post and listening to music in the background. And my husband is still asleep, which is very aggravating.

So other news in the lives of the Guerras (which reminds me, I’m finally officially Devyn Guerra in the eyes of the government as of today!): I completed new hire orientation at her new job today, a job which I have to be awake for in the morning. *cries* I’ll be working at the PX on base, and I’m pretty blasé about it. The main reason for my job search was boredom; I was going crazy at the house by myself all day while Alex was at work with our only car. I’m hoping that with work to keep me busy, I won’t go insane. Also, extra money.

Alex and I went to our first luau last weekend, and it was very cool. We went to the Polynesian Culture Center for the entire day, exploring the facility and attending mini demonstrations of dance and other mind-blowing talents (palm tree climbing, coconut shucking/cracking, fire dancing, etc). Then that evening, we went to our buffet dinner and show, which was very impressive. It was much more focused on hula, which is a beautiful dance that I’ve been inspired to learn. There was also a little 11 year old fire dancer who blew all the other fire dancers out of the water.

Then after that, there was another show. This one was more of a production, a conglomeration of all the different dances that we had seen throughout the day. It was such an amazing and interesting experience that I didn’t want to leave. I’m excited to go back with friends and family when they start visiting. (Hint to my friends and family.) (Wink, wink. Nudge.)

Well, I’m beginning to feel the affects of the essential oils, so I better hit the hay. It’s always a pleasure, my loyal readers.

(Translation: still can’t sleep. Gonna drag myself to bed and watch Parks & Recreation reruns. Goodnight, world.)

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