Adventure Unleashed

Before Hawaii, my idea of a good time was going a.) to the movies, or b.) out to eat. However, I lived in Harlingen, Texas, where there’s not really much to do besides that, especially compared to where I currently reside. Now I find myself going out and exploring the island every weekend, and it’s both exhilarating and exhausting.

I had been hoping to visit the Dole Plantation at some point because many people had recommended the cute tourist attraction, so my husband and I planned to go last Saturday. I woke up that morning, dressed for an outing at the Dole Plantation, packed us a lunch and we headed off. When Alex went the opposite direction, I looked at him questioningly and asked, “Isn’t the plantation that way?”

“Oh, I was going to take you to the Pali Lookout first,” he explained. And while that was not what I had in mind, I wasn’t upset. Besides, it was 8:00 am, and we had plenty of time left in the day. However, this was followed by, “Are you mad?” “We can turn back.” “Is this okay?” “We’re cool, right?”

Yes, husband, we are cool.

Regardless, the Pali Lookout was absolutely beautiful. It was the windiest place I’ve ever been in my life, and I wouldn’t recommend wearing a dress or anything else loose-fitting; however, the glorious view is worth the brief discomfort of having to hold your shirt down for fear of revealing too much.

After we returned to our car and warmed ourselves up a little bit, Alex informed me he was going to take me to a nearby beach named Bellows to check it out. Also not apart of the plan, but I assumed he meant “drive by the beach and look at it from a good distance”.

There’s a portion of Bellows that is open to the public, which of course is packed. However, there’s also a portion of Bellows that is only accessible through the Air Force base, which is considerably less crowded. We pulled into a front row parking spot, and I just kind of cried a little bit inside; it was the most beautiful beach I’d ever seen in my life.

The only kinds of beaches I have ever known have been icky and brown and mucky and littered with trash. On Bellows, the sand was clean and the water was clear and blue and it looked so refreshing and nice…

So naturally I plopped myself on a bench and moped.

“But why did you bring me herrre?” I whined. Husband is confused.

“What’s wrong? Don’t you like?”

“Yes, of course I like. Which is why I’m mad that I dressed for the Dole Plantation.” Husband is still confused.


“Well, we live in Hawaii now, so we should always be prepared to go to the beach from now on.” At this point, I’m probably giving him the stink eye. Or maybe staring longingly at the gorgeous water.

“Well, too bad I was prepared to go to the Dole Plantation.” Husband sighs.

“So I guess we’re coming back here later?”


So we went to the Dole Plantation, which was adorable and fun and educational. We took a ride on their Pineapple Express through their many fields of various fruits and vegetables. We strolled through the gardens and feasted on Dole whip. We walked through the Largest Maze of 2008 for approximately 15 minutes, and then we went home to prepare for our trip back to Bellows.

Poor Alex had to call and postpone a Tesla test drive appointment (long story) in order to satisfy my beach craving, and I appreciate and love him very much.

The water felt just as good as I thought it would, if not better. It was cool and clear and beautiful. The waves were perfect for boogie boarding, and there was even a guy out there surfing, which I had never seen in person before. Of course, he was using the same waves we were using to boogie board, so it wasn’t too terribly impressive, but it piqued my interest in that possible pastime.

So maybe all it took was relocating to a thrilling new place to unleash the adventurous side of me. Regardless, I still spent this weekend binge watching Netflix. Trust me, I can easily do both. Still, I’m excited to explore and try new things. Alex and I have plans to go to our first luau this weekend, so here’s to many more firsts for the Guerras.

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